Community Support in Gawler

Over the years Country Kitchens in Gawler have supported many charities and local clubs, but in particular have donated a good quantity of time and money supporting “Variety The Children’s Charity” – a cause that hits from the heart.

Our Policy on Sponsorship:

As a family with children playing in local sport, we understand the needs of sporting and community clubs so we will do whatever we can to help.

We will donate 2% of the contract value of your kitchen, laundry, study or living room cupboards to your preferred local sporting or community service club. This may not sound much but in reality it equates to real dollars. An average kitchen renovation or new kitchen design can be $10,000 so that is $200 to your club.

We welcome you to utilise our kitchen renovation and design services to help support your club. Please remember to tell us which club you would like us to help out.

“Kitchen Excellence”